About us

More than 30 years of passion for original art…

FirenzeArt Gallery was born in Florence in november 1999 from the Laboratorio Artigiano Cornici, since more than 30 years a meeting point among the best italian and foreign artists and an always interested and careful audience. The purpose has been to create a qualified resort through which we can suggest the discovery and the valorization of the main contemporary masters works of art, but also to bring interesting artists to light.

The virtual gallery was founded in 1997 ,at the origin of the Internet in Italy, and it is one of the first major initiatives which at national level for the promotion of contemporary art across .The network today is a showcase of absolute prestige and high visibility for artists.

Experience and reliability

We know very well the italian art market and we only deal with authentic works by famous artists and emerging talents who have trusted us to promote and increase their visibility. We have been the first italian art gallery to sell art online since 1997.


Our selection

Alinari, Annigoni, Berti, Bettarini , Bianchini, Borgianni, Cappello, Chiari, De Chirico, Domenici, Faraoni, Fattori, Filippelli, Ghiglia, Guttuso, Lastraioli, Maccari, Marma, Marsili, Martini, Masi, Nativi, Scatizzi, Schifano, Signorini, Squillantini, Talani, Tirinnanzi are just some of the more than 1500 artists treated.

Visit our gallery to appreciate their works live or buy them directly online.



We also continue the historical tradition of hand made classic and modern frames,  offering customized solutions for homes, offices and show rooms through our Mondo Cornici brand.

With the use of modern technologies and qualified personnel, we can make prints on canvas with high quality  effects or exclusive reproductions of your images.


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