Official archive of the artworks

Rodolfo Marma, Graziano Marsili and Umberto Bianchini

Our gallery exclusively manages the archive Rodolfo Marma , developed in collaboration with the family, with the goal of cataloging all the artistic production of the Master, who died in 1998. Also we allow the authentication of works of Graziano Marsili and Umberto Bianchini.

To certificate a work we need to examine the work at our office.
The authentication price is € 120 , for each work.
If awarded, will be issued a certificate of authenticity unique and numbered.

It is possible to request a preliminary opinion on the work at a cost of € 55 , which will then be subtracted from the cost of storage.

What is needed to authenticate an artwork

The owner must send via email to

  • Color photo of the front of the work

  • Color photo of the back of the work

  • Size of the work

  • Date , origin and state of conservation.

Payment must be done through Bank Transfer, Credit card or Paypal. 

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